Mar 24th, 2017

HANDOVER: Sunseeker Torquay and Sunseeker London announce the successful completion and handover of the first Manhattan 52 for UK waters

Working together, Tom Wills of Sunseeker Torquay and William Burns of Sunseeker London successfully completed and handed over the first brand new, award winning  Manhattan 52 for UK waters this week.

The first Manhattan 52 to be handed over in UK waters

The first Manhattan 52 to be handed over in UK waters

Her new owners took delivery at our Sunseeker Poole facilities where our team of highly trained engineers had prepared the boat, as always, to exacting standards. As you can see from the images, the handover was bathed with glorious Spring sunshine. The boat itself is finished in American Walnut Satin and has a full med specification, ready for when the owners hope to move the boat to warmer climates.

Thomas Wills of Sunseeker Torquay commented “It was a pleasure to hand over my first Manhattan 52 this week. Seeing the new owners enjoy the superb living space available on the Manhattan 52 was fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing the boat cruising over the coming season.”

With a number of Manhattan 52’s having been sold by the Sunseeker London Group this is the first of many new boats that you will see out on the water this boating Season!

Contact Tom Wills on 07 776 114 422 or William Burns on 07 776 233 459 for more information.

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Πρόσφατα νέα

Dealer Approved


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