Matthew Palmer

Matt has been sailing since a very young age, spending most of his childhood summers at sailing school, navigating the waters around the Channel Islands. This passion for boating has seen him trade local waters for more exotic locations, with an equal love for both sail and power.

Following the completion of a Law degree, he joined a firm specialising in the structuring and management of superyachts which honed his skills to a very high level in regards to every aspect of yacht ownership. It was from this vantage point that he was able to establish where his true skills and passions lay.

Championing the industry’s evolution into an ever more professional arena, he completed a diploma in Boat Retail and Brokerage from the University of Portsmouth, together with a number of practical courses arranged by the MYBA and ABYA, culminating in him starting his own brokerage and subsequently joining Sunseeker Poole.

Matt is a health and fitness fanatic, combing his love for sports with his passion for cooking. He has represented Guernsey and Gloustershire for football, hockey and cricket, and also enjoys playing tennis, squash and golf.

Fond of travelling Matt often visits his friends who are dotted around the globe, making catching up never a chore! His interest of travel has also seen him partake in the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, which he says is one of his most memorable trips.

Matthew Palmer

Sales Broker - Sunseeker Monaco

+33 607 934 119

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