Mar 16th, 2017

SUNSEEKER FRANCE: Outstanding team achievements

Its official! Sunseeker France is on a roll.

Sunseeker France is thrilled to announce that for two months in a row, their team members have been announced Sales Broker of the Month and Salesman of the Month for the Sunseeker London Group!

Sunseeker France is delighted to announce Alex Montane was the Sunseeker Broker of the month for January for the Sunseeker London Group. This award helps to acknowledge many of Alex’s well deserved accomplishments in his 10 year career for Sunseeker France. Not only is he a great Sales Broker, Alex is also Sunseeker France’s most skilled sailor having spent many years as a coach for the French Sailing Olympic team, and most importantly the envy of his colleagues.

Alex Montane was announced Sunseeker London Groups Broker of the Month for January

Alex Montane was announced Sunseeker London Groups Broker of the Month for January

His hard work and perseverance has paid off again last month as he was able to sell four boats, including a V58 Princess, 56 Manhattan, 53 Portofino and a 50 Cranchi.

Alex’s hot streak doesn’t end there as he steams ahead into march. He has also recently listed a Monte Carlo MCY 65 and a Sunseeker Yacht 90, both of which can be found can be found of the Sunseeker Brokerage website.

Rémy Becquet was then awarded Salesman of the month for February by the Sunseeker London Group. Nicknamed ‘Iron Man’ after having fulfilled his personal achievement of completing the Nice “Iron Man” challenge last year, and for his continued focus and passion for selling boats, he is the recent pride of the Cote D’Azur for Sunseeker France.

Congratulations to Rémy Becquet on becoming Sales Broker of the Month

Congratulations to Rémy Becquet on becoming Sales Broker of the Month

In February, Rémy Becquet contracted a new construction yacht as well as several brokerage boats including a 53 Portofino and a Manhattan 50.

However, he can’t rest on his laurels as his colleagues in France are hot on his heels. Frederic Hestin recently sold a Predator 57 after a successful week at the London Boat Show and James Wood currently has two new constructions; including an 86 Yacht and a 95 Yacht.

The rapid Sunseeker Manhattan 53

The rapid Sunseeker Manhattan 53

Rémy Becquet’s achievement has really set the tone for the great work that is happening in France.

Félicitation Rémy, du très bon travail!

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